Digital Photogrammetry Lab

The digital photogrammetry lab is housed in the Department of Anthropology in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building (west side of campus). Here, students take morphometric measurements of body and limb length from photographs of wild geladas. More specifically, we utilize parallel lasers set 4cm apart to create an automatic scale within a photograph. Thus, a real distance can be calculated for every measurement on the photograph, much like we calculate distances from the scale bar listed on a map. These morphometric measurements are then used to determine the rate of growth for geladas, and to evaluate how various social factors (stress, nutrition, injuries) can influence both male and female growth.

Abu lasers

Beginning in 2011, we worked with Paragon Model and Tool (Wixsom, MI) and then with the machine shop at the University of Illinois to construct a CAD-designed parallel laser mount that retains stable laser alignment, but is also adjustable using a hex wrench. To encourage comparative data collection on primate growth, we have made theseĀ Laser apparatus blueprints freely available. Any machine shop should be able to follow these designs and construct a parallel laser mount for use with a standard digital SLR.